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But they taste different.
I'm so confused now... what do I put in my sweet tea vodka, lemon or lime? Or do I just butch it out and leave it at one lonely ice cube?


They do taste different and I don't like lime. At all. Love lemon though. So that means there's something wrong with my tongue... it's being confused by color? Hmmmm...

the voice of science

they are technically the same fruit, but in different varieties. like different kinds of apples. i just mentioned it because i find it interesting that south america just has one type that's in between a lime and a lemon.

Mr. Bingley

they taste different and limes don't have seeds.

but since algore has declared there is scientific consensus on this i don't know what the hell i am talking about.

Hurricane Mikey

I prefer limes on just about everything--lemons, not so much.

But when I lived in Arizona, I heard that you can get special trees at the nursery that will grow both lemons *and* limes. That's pretty cool.

And if I had a tequila tree, I'd never leave the back yard.

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