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I didn't understand a word of this, but I'm totally intrigued.

The Proprietor

I rely on you for synopses of shows I will never, ever, watch.



White trash with money.... = NYC housewives.
I just don't like them. I know I know I am not nice. I am sorry.


LOL - I'm thinking your synopsis is FAR and away more fascinating than the show itself. OTOH - there would be no synopsis without the show, so it's a conundrum for me. Do I try and watch the show even though it's really not my type of thing, so I can laugh even more at your witty recounting? Or do I just read this and chuckle away without knowing all the particulars? Must ponder...

Florida Friend

Bethenny had the best line when she said to the camera, "That wasn't Countess-like, that was Discountess..." What a crack up! The problem with these ladies & their counter parts in OC is that they are so busy impressing themselves that they don't see how pitiful they are & what a collective bunch of spoiled whiners they are raising.


the guy in pizza shirt is an artist of some renown putting on a bit of an act-to say the least ;)

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