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To tell you the truth, I think of Beauregard Lee. And yes, Bloomberg is definitely an ass. If he ever had a base, I think he's alienated all of them. Just add groundhogs to the list.


I'd bite him too if he was waking me up from a nice nap just to ask what I thought of the weather.

I'm not a "morning person"....

Anna Maria Rueda-Barrie

As a former Staten Islander, I have to say, what the hell does the Mayor of New York City expect from a Staten Island groundhog? They should have let the Island secede years ago - or, the Islanders should have blown up the Verrazzano bridge and declared open rebellion against the City of New York. Just my humble opinion.


Somebody probably told Chuck that Bloomy had just cut over $300K from the zoo's budget the week before.

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