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The Proprietor

I rejoice in the sepia effluvium from my steam cleaner. It means I accomplished something. Three dogs necessitate a weekly reinforcement to my self-esteem.


I completely agree about the bagless vacuums... they are disgusting to look at and even more disgusting to empty.

Two very furry dogs and a very dusty house demands a bagged vacuum cleaner, so far as I am concerned...


We have a bagless vacuum cleaner but I rarely use it, or any other. I let the dog hair berm up and then in a few more days it forms tumbleweeds which are easily scooped up as you pass by.

This has been Household Hint #42 from Dogette.

Mr. Bingley

We have blacklab tumbleweeds that spontaneously generate as soon as the vacuum is turned off. The nice thing about having hardwood floors, as Dogette hints, is the wind-powered hair collection areas.


Freddie and dirt bags in the same entry?


Yep, it's like having a clear kitchen garbage can with no bag in sight of the dinner table.

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