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Finally !!! The world's handsomest Corgi for all to see !


I am hypnotized by the ears, that delicate, begging-to-be-tickled pinkness on the inside. And the headtilt skills. And all those white furry bits that need skritching.


My gosh, he's growing into a handsome guy! Great shot!

Hurricane Mikey

More Steggie, less Obambi.

The Proprietor

Let him chew on Lou Monte for a while with my permission.

Joan of Argghh!

Damn, he'd look awesome on paper currency!

I'd vote for him. He exhibits more certitude of place and proportion than most humans.


"The worst thing that happened to him ... ever, apparently ... was when we played Dominic the Donkey in the car. Canine flip-out."

The Stegman has got excellent taste!


He's a lovely Corgi, but with such a cogitative, wise and all-knowing expression, I strongly suspect he's really a person in a dog suit.


this is five seconds of serenity out of 1 million seconds of trying to lick people's faces to death.


Stedman ! what a handsome boy! He was the BEST Christmas gift !


guest. (Freudian slip)

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