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Oh, how I wish there were a good dog park in our general vicinity. When I lived in Garland, TX (a suburb of Dallas), there was a most awesome dog park just a few short miles away. And, it was free to the residents of the area.

Now I live in the People's Republic of Illinois, and the only (fenced) dog park within 20 miles costs $60 a year, per dog. I would have to pay $120 to take my dogs to play with other dogs and the park is only really viable about 6 months of the year because of the crappy weather here.

So... my poor dogs must make do with our small backyard because I am too stubborn (and cheap) to pay the ridiculous fees required in this state, which was founded (apparently) by Jesse James.

Hurricane Mikey

Early this morning, I put on a very fetching blue denim bucket hat with fringed brim and a blue denim stadium coat with wooden toggles.

As Austin Powers so famously said... Oh behaaave!

Joan of Argghh!

I'm ashamed to say that i'm just now noticing the new tagline for your place here. Love it.

Aw! Stedman nevers runs out of cute!

The Proprietor

One of my mayoral accomplishments was the creation of a town dog park. (On a piece of property we couldn't use for anything else. Jana, it's free to all.)

All it took was some cheap-o dune fence and a post with a poop bag dispenser on it. The users brought and left some old resin stackable chairs, misc balls, toys and water dishes. Complaints have been few. Last year we installed a chainlink "air lock" chamber with gates at either end so that dogs don't get out when someone else enters.

I am a river to my people.

Kate the Great

I think that is a crop circle in the shape of The New Jimmy Carter. Looks like they had to clear away an extra half-acre to make room for those ears.


I choose to ignore any "negative" connotations re: the name "Stedman." He's his own name-brand and the imitators all turn your wrist green.

If I was hearing those dog names for the first time "Stedman" would be the LAST one I would feel the need to add three air-question-marks to. Hmph. I'd be all, "CANDY? CAAAAAN-DEEEEEE???"


just so darn cute...


Kudos to the prop !!

I might move to your town. Whatcha got for the older generation? We gotta park , also?

The Proprietor

Since I have been in office we have embarked on a veritable orgy of park building and open space purchases. That's all over now, of course. All our spare cash goes to increases in municipal contributions to the state pension funds. We got our own bail-out goin' on here.

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