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The Proprietor

Interesting in that it looks comfortably upper middle class, but no more than that. You cannot picture this one being featured on MTV Cribs.

Joan of Argghh!

Crooked pinky = Guido the Persuader has been a visitor to Dino's house before.


For me it was always 'The REd Badge of Courage.' Why I couldn't escape that one I never understood. It was a creepy little read about the worst time in our history.

What's not to like?

Is there anything about his old tv show in the book?


Oh, how I love Dean Martin... my mother thought I was the weirdest kid on the planet because when I was in the sixth grade (1978) I listened to Dean Martin records over and over... I liked "regular" music (as she called it) too, I just loved Dino's voice so much. I still do. I think he was the far superior vocalist when compared to Sinatra.


Crooked Pinky = too drunk to get hand away from closing door(s).


my sister went on a first date with some italian guy and he gave her a 45 record of "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime"..I wonder if he has a whole bunch of them in the trunk of his car....


BTW, it is good to see Dino as a little boy. He was the pride and joy of Dean, and Dean never fully recovered from Dino's death (that is what I read anyway....)

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