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Hurricane Mikey

I was with ya, right up until the deep-fried green beans. I prefer my legumes unadorned.

And I'm sorry that I didn't comment on your lunch thread, but I've been sick and working graveyard shift this week, so I slept all day and missed it earlier.

But an egg and pepper sandie doesn't sound so bad, but ketchup, no matter what the temperature, doesn't do it for me with that particular combination. As far as sandwich perfection goes, nothing, as far as I'm concerned, has attained such a revered spot in the pantheon as a Bennigan's Monte Cristo.


just spend more time with the steds, he'll make you smile. hey, i know, maybe you need a sibling for a boost! nothing more entertaining than TWO corgis tearing through the house in a wrestling match :)


Deep fried green beans sound pretty darn awesome to me! Of course, even though we are serving a prison term in Illinois right now (long story involving husband, ex-wife and husband's daughter), I am originally from Texas, so I'd be hard pressed to think of anything deep-fried that didn't sound great.

I'm not sure that sentence was even close to grammatically correct... distracted by thoughts of deep fryers...


Up here in the Northern Plains, we had an early Eighties variant. Instead of "psych!", we'd say "face!". I have no idea why.

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