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If that's true, please explain GW Bush.


Or, for that matter, his father. Unless "Read my lips" was inspirational.


Or John "No need to prioritize; we'll do it all" McCain. Not that I love Obama so much, but at least he seems to get the idea that we all need to be inspired to work harder, give back to our communities, and make our country great again.


Sorry to see your current commenters. Ah well... I agree with your sentiment.

kate the great

that's the whole thing behind the abortions for everybody dems. no consequences. do whatever you want the results are not your fault. don't give personal responsibility a second thought.


Typical frothing at the mouth liberals. Instead of focusing on where they might have things wrong, they point their fingers and screech, "But what about THAT guy?"

The comments by Karan, linkmeister and cynical are ridiculous. They are not here to learn anything even if we DID explain anything to them. They are here only to howl out baseless talking points.


Maybe Stedman could offer some howling pointers? Judging from the car ride that is...


So, you all found "read my lips" to be inspirational? That was a wisecrack on my part; I couldn't imagine that anyone really did take heart from such a silly phrase from a Presidential candidate.

Huh. Learn something new every day.

Leo McCarthy

Linkmeister seems to be having a conversation with himself. This is a hallmark of the most rabid talking point repeaters on the left. Never engage in any real discussion. Just spit up the same tired old vitriol even if it doesn't have anything to do with what anyone else is saying. Make a ridiculous statement and then verify it themselves as if everyone agrees with them.


He's right.

Suzette says: "This is a very persuasive argument. "


Linkmeister is.

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