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Joan of Argghh!

Good question.

Rob Usdin

Here's a better look at the differences Suzette:



Suzette says: "Rob, I respectfully disagree that your link shows a "better" look at the differences. Better than what - an opinion that isn't yours?

Believe it or not, not all independent thought is on the left. I do my own research and my research tells me that TED is a self-congratulatory circle jerk for liberals. No danger of being asked to be open to a difference in philosophy there."

The Proprietor

How'd you get all these liberal commenters? Quick, Henry, the Flit!

Since about the only thing the Dems have to fear at this point is the race factor - AKA the "Bradley Effect" - they are slathering on the white liberal guilt as a counter-measure.

More fun is the fact that we are witnessing Lewis, Jackson, et al, having to swallow their pride and support this young upstart who is stealing their thunder. Jackson's on-mic gaffe a few months ago was evidence of this.


AH,the Bradley Effect finally surfaces. Just how many voters do YOU think are afraid to mention the fact that once they are in the booth the lever for the Black American will NOT be pulled?

Rob Usdin

Suzette -

Ok - a "different" look at the differences. I appreciate your disagreement. Did you watch the video though? Because part of having doing your own research should be having an open mind about specific things, regardless of where they come from (aka your generalization about TED).

Haidt postulates what kinds of moral issues are important for liberals and conservatives, how they differ, and how both are needed to keep order in society.

As for the topic at hand - yes, I do think the left is playing the race card more than they should. I don't like that tactic, anymore than I like some of McCain's tactics. I criticize both sides.


Suzette says: "Agreed - different. I watched about 10 minutes of that speech and it offered no evidence to alter my opinion the nature of TED. I will, in deference to you, watch the whole thing before the day is over."


I am so unhappy with your use of generalizations. No one is playing the race card except the left. Bull***. Spend 10 unintentional minutes listening to NJ talk radio and you'll hear people come so close to saying the "n" word that your head will spin from the shock of it.

Lots of different people play that card, for lots of different reasons.

Suzette says:" That is the theme of this particular series of blog posts - generalizations. In general, people who pull out the race card have something to gain by doing so. In general, Democrats are busy pointing out what's wrong with others while offering neither critcism of their own side nor remedy for any."

Mr. Metropolis

There used to be a time that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans was how much Governmental control there should be. What ever happened to those days?


There are probably lots of reasons Obama might want to keep the race card in play. Or at least hold onto it for future deployments.

The race card can be used to stifle honest debate. It can distract attention from a man's ideas, or lack thereof. It's like a magician's "redirection" technique. It's just so much easier to squawk about racism than to make logical refutations of points or arguments. Ooh, and it's dramatic, too. Makes for a good headline. Ruins careers. On and on and on.

gus&fi's mom

amen dogette.

Mr. Bingley

Yes, yes, yes, you're all racists. More importantly, Suzette has a Rachel-lanche!!

Feel the corgi love!

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