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gus loves the big dogs at the park, the rowdier the better. fiona loves the little white poodly dogs, the prissier the better : )


20 stacked up bags of mulch and soil won't keep Dogliness from breaching the cockpit, so the pilot is now, uh-heh, armed: I simply extend my entire right ARM as I drive (arm barrier) and let the 85 lbs of dog mass bear down on what's left of my elbow joint. All the while I'm going, "Back! Stay back! Back I say, you demon hound!" If I take my arm down for even a second, the tongue comes out and slurps on whatever's in the cupholder area.


The Progressive offers pet protection as a rider on their auto policies.

Jus' sayin'

Diana L Guerrero

Funny, dog prison.

In my area I keep seeing hurt animals in our mountain area because of lack of restraint. This sparked a short article on the topic that you might find of interest so I include it in my info above.

I am new to the canine carnival and am happy to have found your amusing post.

Corgies are such little characters!

We had a bunch at the exotic animal ranch I worked at.

Look forward to reading more about Stedman.

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