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What's wrong with cinnamon raisin bagels?

Next you're going to tell me that you don't dunk them in A-1 sauce after you toast them.

RE: nut-free oranges - you have no idea what all manner of food allergies panic the average mommie these days.


i think dad may have married you for the chance to inherit that carton holder.


I inherited a carton holder from my Mom, 16 years ago. Our orange juice cartons still fit in it. It is harvest gold, circa 1975.

Hurricane Mikey

It's tough to drink straight from the carton with that holder thingy on there.

Cinnamon raisin bagels are just fine, iffin' you throw down with some strawberry cream cheese. But I prefer onion bagels or poppyseed.

And I'll have my juice pulpless, thank you very much.


Egg everything bagels. Lightly toasted with vegetable cream cheese. And toothpicks, plenty of toothpicks for afterward...
Oh, and pulp. I have this oral texture thing. No wise cracks...

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