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Jim - PRS

I'll take Door Number 3.

Kennedy (Cuban Missle Crisis and Bay of Pigs and continuing the Vietnam War) was not terribly non-aggressive.

Door Number 2 is, I suppose, plausible (Oswald's Cuban connection), but of the three, I think Door Number 1 is the least likely.

This tells me (although I really didn't need to be told) that nobody, NO-BAH-DEE, believes that Oswald was a lone whacko who woke up one morning and thought, "Hmmm, should I buy new shoelaces, or should I shoot the President?"


Suzette's the new Mae Brussell?


At least when you read BOOKS about the assassination you don't have to listen to Kevin Costner's bad Southern accent.

The Proprietor

Let it go, Suzette, it's just Chinatown...


I have to sit down.
My head is spinning...
I feel faint..

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