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Corn mazes -ewwww those words just give me the willies.


Why don't Americans eat roast pumpkin?


grrrrrr.... the pickers descend on my area every weekend. everywhere I need to go on Saturday or Sunday leads me through them, blocking the roads, jamming on their brakes to make turns into the picking areas, no blinkers, illegal parking on the sides of the roads, kids running all over the place, and ninety percent of the vehicles have NY plates. don't they grow apples and pumpkins in NY state? why they need to drive all the way to Monmouth County to irritate and annoy is beyond me. And just what does a family, consisting of a mother and father and two kids, who's combined weight has to exceed a thousand pounds, need a bushel basket of apples for? Considering the cost of fuel, tolls and the price of the apples, they could just nip down the local grocery store in Staten Island and buy five or six bushels for the same price.


It's gotten to be as bad as summer weekends only a few miles west. Personally, I buy my pumpkins, apples and mums at the grocery store for about 1/4 the price the farmstands charge.


I think Stankleberry needs to get in on this.

The Proprietor

It's called "agro-tourism" and has replaced driving a school bus as the way for a farmer to make ends meet. Without it the Garden State wouldn't have the remaining farms it has.

Add to that the overtime the cops make trying to herd these city folk and you have a real boost to the local economy.

Having said that, sitting behind an SUV with NY plates when I want to get somewhere on the weekend makes me want to go buy war surplus bazookas on the Internet. And use them.

Suzette says:" Well, here's an idea then. Let cover all those tank farms in Elizabeth with dried corn stalks and run the hayrides through them. It would beautify the view from the turnpike and shorten the trip from the Outerbridge Crossing and the Goethals for the NYers. All those pumpkins don't grow on the Monmouth County farms anyway - they are brought in and laid down on top of the dirt the week before. Take them to the cargo lots at Newark Liberty and lay them down there. Think of the mazes you could build using unclaimed freight instead of corn! Also, the Turnpike toll takers could dress up as Batman and gorillas wearing bib overalls for extra festivity. What's Corzine's address? I'm going to write to him to suggest this. I'll probably get some kind of Citizen's Medal for this idea."

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