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Nothing short of a deep sea diving suit will protect you from the stuff. It thrives on our property, I've given up trying to get rid of it all, I just manage it around the house and gardens. Transmission from pets is a real threat, as is from the clothes you wear when working around it. I have found the Preparation H is good for relieving the symptoms and helping dry out the blisters. I've tried everything from bleach to Rhulegel, but PH is the best. I just wish it smelled better.


Oh, Stedman! I'd love to steal you and hug you and love you and call you George!

What? OH, poison ivy! So far I don't think I've had a canine transmitted case of the stuff, but twice this summer I've been stricken. Like many other unpleasant experiences, there's no going round it; you have to go through.

Joan of Argghh!

I am helplessly in love with the Stedman! Who can resist that face? All must be forgiven, while you scratch and burn.



Is that a dead cat I see on the deck? I love Stedman's left front paw-it looks like he is wearing a little white sock.
So sorry to read of your case of Poisin Ivy.
Do cool baths help?


We don't get poison ivy in the west but we do get poison oak and the best cure for it is washing up with FelsNaptha Soap. Harsh stuff, but great for getting rid of those itchy patches and stopping the spread of the weeping juices.


Boo poison ivy!!

But seriously - cutest pup i have seen in a while... Looks innocent to me! :)


How can you possibly blame that sweet-faced pooch?

I've read, and seen it used, that if you know you've brushed against vines of PI you can use the juice from Jewel Weed (just grab some and crush it between your hands) and rub it all over your skin. Several friends have done it and it works. Something in the juice will counter act the oils in the ivy.

I used to be highly sussceptible to PI. Then when I was around 20 I fell into a patch while trying to keep from falling into a river. I was fishing, okay? I was bare chested and got such a bad case I needed to go to the doctor for antihistamine shots. Whatever happened within by body as a result, I have never gotten poison ivy again. And believe me, it's not because I've avoided the stuff. Climbing into a tree stand that's partially covered with vine and ripping the vines off the tree to deer hunt should have given me dozens of rashes over the years.


How could you ask such a thing?
He. Would. Never.

And Loaf has a skunk, too. He ripped its face right off. Grr.


I've never had poison ivy, and was immune to poison oak until once when working outside I scraped up my arm pretty good and it got under the skin. No more immunity for me!

Feel better! Love the dog!


WOW! Stedman can REALLY tilt his head!!!! To say he looks innocent would be stretching the truth....


Toxiclabrat said: "Is that a dead cat I see on the deck?"

I feel seriously bad about it, but I laughed at that line.


Looks more like a dead skunk to me --

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