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Um, I use a wheelchair in crowded situations like malls, etc. I can stand up and walk just fine. Don't make assumptions about anyone's invisible illness.

Suzette says: "Stay well, Margalit. May you stand more than you roll."


I have plans to be the crazy aunt up in the attic someday.... if my lazy nieces and nephews ever get off their collective asses and get a decent house with an attic, that is.
An attic with a/c and cable and a jacuzzi.
And daily pizza delivery.
You can all come visit. Bring a cat or two.
But leave Uncle Joe at home... he creeps me out for some reason.

Suzette says: "It's his robotic grin. And all those TEETH. I'm sure he as more than the average amount.

Kate the Great

Wheelchairs are invisible? I did not know that.

Suzette says:"Yeah, how lame."

The Proprietor

Always a bridesmaid... Poor Chateau Joe. Just when they had the "working class" line of BS in the chute, ready to deliver, along comes a real working class American. Oops.

I still await his first really egregious gaffe. Something that will have everyone shaking their heads. I know he'll deliver. Be patient.

Suzette says:" If only he would stop saying he's from Scranton ..."


Suzette is it OK if I chastise you on your own blog? Let me know.

Suzette says: "By all mean - go right ahead. One does not learn from people who agree with them."

Jim - PRS

He's the kinda guy who slams the breaks on his neice's wedding by insisting on singing "Fly Me to the Moon." Of course, in "any key."


Maybe he was hoping for a Heidi kind of miracle?

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