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Does every one have the talking points written down before she takes them off the screen?


Now go and remember to stay on message.


I've heard REALLY good things about Mad Men and will probably end up renting it or something. Right now I'm in the midst of The Wire on DVD.


I think your noticing peoples' earlobes also makes you cool.


there is never a day I do not LEARN something here! Thank you.


In one episode, Mr. Campbell was drinking from glasses that were used by my Dad to make drinks. I was going to sell them at my garage sale, and told potential buyers that this pattern was featured in "Mad Men". No one bit.
I am keeping them. It is their loss, and my gain..!
I am so addicted to this show...!

Worried Dad

We have those plates. I jumped when I saw them. We actually blame Stangl Amber Glo for starting our whole Danish Mod obsession. Some friends (retired college profs, of course) were cleaning out their house and let us have their teapot. It broke, we scoured the web until we figured out the pattern, and it was all downhill from there.

Cripes, Suzette!

Did you see it last night? Pete and Trudy increased their collection of Amber Glo considerably.



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