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OMG, I'm kvelling for you!


O noes! I definitely just left you a comment...now it's gone! It's been eaten, as if by pacman.


Oh, there it is.


Nobody covers Hill like you, Suzette! NOBODY! There should be some kind of award...


Thank you for doing this. I can't watch (won't watch). But I do enjoy the orange pantsuit pictures. Ever since yesterday when I saw the headline on a tabloid "Hillary And Michelle HATE Each Other!" I've been feeling pretty good about things.

The Proprietor

In a post I referred to the pantsuit as "tangerine". It's actually more of a Mandarin orange. Actually, it's more of an International Rescue Orange.

Back when I was in the printing business, this color ink required special OSHA paperwork because of the extra toxic chemicals in it. Appropriate, ain't it?

I enjoyed the subliminal messages "Keep going, keep going." "We’re not quitting." Etcetera.

Moving on... Having pissed off the women, BO is now working to piss off the Latinos. His people have dissed Senator "Bad Hair Bob" Menendez and that will come back to haunt them.

Mr. Bingley

Maybe she's getting sent to Gitmo by Obama.


The orange pantsuit was the best color for the convention. You couldn't help but notice her.
In all fairness to her, her makeup was absolutely flawless. The subtle color of orange on her cheeks, and the eyecolor was natural yet complimentary. Hair was great.
You are right, we will see her in 4 years. I thought she gave a cleverly disguised speech that will not come to haunt her in 4 years.
She has been in this business too long to give it up now.


Have I mentioned how glad I am to be a democrat?

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