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Be seeing you.


People who had private duty nurses were the source of great humor for me. Private duties in the day were those nurses who couldn't cut it in a regular job. they had no idea about meds, procedures, etc... they were nothing but glorified white clothed baby sitters. the one i remember most was deaf. yep, deaf. and she got a nice chunk o' change for her 8 hours.


Ugh...why must they remake shows/movies that were actually good the first time around?

And I'm sure the new version of Rover will be all CGI :(


I have never liked remakes and don't bother to see them. I can't imagine the Prisoner with anyone but Patrick McGoohan.

I still laugh at silly things I and other student nurses did when I think of them, even though it was over 40 years ago.


You need a new dress shop, stat!


So in the remake, the Rover runs you down, gives you a turpentine colonic, you steal a cigarette lighter from No. 2 and rocket yourself out of the community?

Sound like a short one.

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