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That is a timeless classic from the 19th century. Reminds me of the scene from Singing in the Rain: "Arrrround the rrrrocks the rrrrruged rrrrascal rrrran."

The Proprietor

OK, but are they making it with Bailie Nicol Jarvie Scotch?

Why? It was named after a character in the novel.

Although making it with Dewars is also acceptable, since the drink was introduced to promote the brand.

And there was precious little of the novel in the film versions. Just as well: the novel is a snooze until he comes on the scene halfway through.


Reminds me that a friend and I, for weeks-- no, years -- after seeing the movie 'Rob Roy,' would spontaneously blurt out "Rrrrub Rrrroy McGrrregahhhhhr" at random moments, in imitation of Liam Neeson, just to crack each other up. I swear, it was hilarious. The only part of Sami's order that I would surely misunderstand would be the "swit" part, and that should go double (har!) for a bartender.

Jim - PRS

The drink of choice of a friend of mine is a "dry Rob Roy on the rocks, with a twist." It has been my experience that when ordered directly from a bartender, it's right about 50% of the time. When ordered from a server, the probably of getting what he ordered drops to about 20%, suggesting. Probably gets lost in translation between the server and the barkeep, or neither knows what goes into the drink.

And, my friend says it without rolling his r's.


My drink of choice is "Just water for me, thanks. And I don't need the lemon, either. Just water a big ole glass o' water."

Of course they almost always bring water with the lemon chunk in it. But I'm strong and very self-reliant so I just butch right up and toss the lemon chunk out myself without ever saying anything to the server about it.

The Proprietor

Not to obsess, but the real reason a Rob Roy exists is to use up your cheaper scotch. Good scotch should never be mixed in a cocktail. It should be taken straight, or with water or soda that does not change the taste. Otherwise, why bother?


Oh, memories! My dad drank dry rob roys on the rocks, my mom drank manhattans on the rocks. Such fun trying to explain ingredients and proportions to young, clueless bartenders.....


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