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Well, you've certainly changed how I'll react to many Billy Joel songs from this point forward.


My gigantically histrionic eye roll...can you feel it? Guidos and coozhines are a strictly Brooklyn (specifically Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst &Sheepshead Bay) concept that simply "branched out" to Jersey in the past 20+ years. I've no actual proof to back up my theory.

Jim - PRS

I was going to write about the ongoing combat between Jersey peeps and Staten Islanders, who I understand are known as "Stat Rats." Now I don't have to.

By birth and by virtue of having spent countless vacations Down the Shore, I side with the Garden Staters. However, knowing that the locals even refer to non-local Garden Staters as "Bennies," I can't muster vigorous support.


A few years ago I wandered into Belmar during Black Frat weekend. The hip fashion accessory that year was to have a live snake draped around one's neck. I swear on my grandmother's delicious corn fritters! & what made it so hilarious was that the guys didn't seem to think it was hilarious. I felt so sorry for those harmless snakes knowing they'd all eventually be starved to death or tossed out car windows.

BTW, few of those benny-loathing a-holes grew up at the shore or could tell you the difference between a Herring Gull & Laughing Gull even if you told them the "laughing" is a giveaway.

The Proprietor

As someone who spent every summer == all summer -- at the shore from age 0 until finishing college, in owner housing rather than rental and who later on owned a house there myself for 10 years, I could never figure out if I was a Bennie or not.

Rather than exercise rancor, there is much to be said for sitting on one's front porch on a Sunday evening, watching the sun-burned traffic on Rt 35 head home while you crack open a beer, enjoying the ensuing silence. (Except for the gulls, laughing or otherwise.)

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