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I am still outraged by the news reporting in N.E. Pa. of this Kennedy's "local ties" to the area without mention of the Mary Jo Kopechne grave in Larksville, Pa. Ted abandoned Mary Jo on that fateful night in Chappaquiddick (I don't believe he was even cited for driving with an expired license!)

Go here;

Goes to show you that the rich get richer all the while using their "get of of jail" cards.


I'm so glad I already ate breakfast. That picture of Ted is nauseous making.


I keep getting in trouble for wondering out loud that if they remove the brain tumor will he become a Republican.

Mr. Bingley

Yeah, funny how the poor lobotomized dear never seems to get mentioned.

The Proprietor

I'm picturing the tumor operation, except its the one from 1978's The Manitou, where they try a laser and the tumor demon destroys the operating room. Surely you remember?

Well, now it's the Ted Demon...

Joan of Argghh!

I hadn't seen that Obama factoid until now. Veddy interesting. It's always worth my blog money to stop in here for useful information, especially the Hillary reviews.


I've enjoyed reading your blog, but, making digs at a man with brain cancer?

Not amusing.

Suzette says:"Boo fucking hoo. Brain cancer does not ameliorate the damage that this man has done."

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