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Wow. That was VERY weird.

Mr. Bingley

I thought that was sweet.

And her complete lack of expression makes me wonder if her mom wasn't out of one of Robert Palmer's videos.

Mr. Bingley

...but when I need some accordion I reach for the Weird Al!

Mr. Bingley


LOL - my FIL used to pull out the accordion and play on holidays. Everyone would groan.


Oy, Suzette…that lifted your spirits? Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. Here, bubele, try this on for size. Don’t thank me, I’m a giver.

And so are you!


Wait wait wait wait wait.....no recap of the BlogFest as only the great Suzette can spill it????! My head hangs. At least you could tell us you had too many martinis....then maybe we'd cut you some slack.

Suzette says: There's lots of recaps - with pictures! - going on. See here:

Shamrocketship http://www.shamrocketship.com/shamrocketship/2008/04/spring-fling-ph.html

and here:

Parkway Rest Stop

The Proprietor

Yeah. Cut the crap and give us the BlogFest dish.

Suzette says: More recap:

Erica's Blog

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