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Mr. Bingley

That is...disturbing.


Well, I have a delicious double espresso-flavored brown colored vodka in the freezer, so while it is labeled as vodka, it is nonetheless brown in color.

What do you think it means? I think it might suggest that I am a Republican in Democrat clothing, which would in fact be correct.

Just try not to spread it around too much.


I don't know about wine protecting against dementia, as I can't really remember much about last night.

And Erica, I think having brown colored vodka means you're part of the Libertarian Party. But check this website: http://www.politics1.com/parties.htm
Who knew there were so many parties?! There may be several that support brown vodka.

*Cheers!* (hiccup!)

Mr. Bingley

Guess I ought to buy a Hillary or Obama sticker for the car now.


What about a dirty martini? Does that count as brown, or clear?


Not only do I drink white wine... I like Starbucks. I'm sure this means a truly hideous fate awaits me and I will end up voting for OOOOO..... well let me try again CCCCC.....

No, I can't even say it much less do it - I think the Democratic party will have to accept that there is a wolf in sheep's clothing among them. *grin*


Dr. Pepper...check
Dark ale (as opposed to piss lite)...check
Scotch...double check
Red wines...check
what is this thing calle Fiji water?

Well they got me pegged pretty good.


I knew there was a reason I liked me my Dr. Pepper.

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