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This is like the part in The Godfather when The Don was in a hospital bed and Connie came to Michael crying about how Daddy had always been strong one in the family.

That's what you are now - strong for the rest of us.

Suzette says:" I can never get ahead of you, can i? You have seen my Moonstruck and raised me a Godfather. I have no choice now but to ante up with La Strada."

The Proprietor

We shall never be able to physically meet. I would lose all my secrets to your laser-like gaze.

Re: movies, was it "Jezebel" where Bette Davis shows up at the ball in the red gown? I think so.

Suzette says: "We already did meet. You were wearing a cowboy hat."


There are moments when I'm deeply enamoured of Her Scorpioness, long to roll in the ooze of sleepy desire - the naughty things couples do when when repressions fall away just as they pass into the land of Morpheus.

But I think, Lady, you chose that cold bed, played matchmaker to your own ambitions. How many hot sheet nights did you actually have in all those years Two? Three? Your husband may have been unfaithful & creepy, but no one ever accused him of dropping bombs because his libido was unsatified.

Suzette says:" A-n-n-n-d we have a winner for Comment of the Day."


Hillary's inner flower strikes me as a cactus flower; it seems pretty but you can't get close enough to examine it without getting hurt.

Suzette says:" She's no begonia, that's for sure.."


I'm sorry to say that Hillary is probably the kind of person who thinks, during the wedding ceremony, "Thank heavens, now I'll never have to put my lips down there anymore."

Suzette says: "No Bob, I said she was going to KICK him while he's down."

The Proprietor

That's me. All hat, no cattle.

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