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There was something wrong with it??? OMG I am so not tuned into the right way to do things. There is no hope for me except to never be an artistic designer.


I never gave a damn about people had to say about my page. But that's probably why I don't have any readers.

BTW - The Public is also convinced I've got recording equipment of mass destruction stashed in the house. I have no idea where The Public gets this idea so I'd take what The Public had to say with a grain of salt.

Suzette says: "Well, I need the goodwill of The Public because I can't do much in Photoshop by myself, so I find the best policy is to kowtow."


I spent all last weekend teaching myself how to work in XML and created a new blog template, complete with fancy header containing photoshopped images and special effects on the font, all sorts of borders and breakers and then switched back to the old boring template I'd been using for six years. Sometimes change is not a good thing, but, do whatever makes you comfortable. I look at my blog as an extension of my house, so to speak. If ya wanna drop by and see what's going on, ya gotta put up with the way I live.

The Proprietor

The Public sez: You gotta go back to your comment to pops and close that italic style html command. Here. I'll do it for you.

The Proprietor


I loved the first banner I made for my blog. It had a square piece of art that I was basically a collage. It was a picture of a peony that I had photoshopped into a watercolor-style graphic, overlapped 4 times at different opacities into a square. I loved it, loved it, loved it. Everyone else who looked at it told me they hated it - a lot. I switched to the single rose.

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