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You should sue!

Large feet are a mark of genius; mine are ginormous. Pfftttt....


Damn... maybe I should try for the job of First Lady. Then again I'd have to be married to a politician... ICK. I guess I'll stick with Pam's assertion that I'm a genius. *grin*


Just stopped by to see how the umbrage was going.


I remember reading that Jackie O had alot of facial hair-I believe it is called "down". Would love to hear if the new "Jackie" has an abundance of peach fuzz also.
And, if there truly is another "Jackie" can another "Marilyn" be far behind??????
And while you are at it- will there be a new "Macaroni"???


Honestly! I had no idea about JBKO's feet. I have also heard that Marilyn Monroe had an extra toe somewhere but you never see it.

This also reminds me of Paris Hilton and her feet. She is coming out with her own line of shoes.

Doesn't that make you feel like dancing?

Say What?

I'll dance, but that Hilton bitch better not step on my feet with those GUNBOATS!!!

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