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Note the bold individuality of the offspring baker ...

the stark whiteness of the eggs
and the odd number of eggs (3 not 4)...

Yes, he is a chip off the old block !

Nice job, T. !


That is a very nice Easter bread!! Us offspring do appreciate tradition.

The Proprietor

We also went meatless today (salmon).


Mmmmmm.....Easter bread! You have to keep me away from stuff like that or I'll eat the whole loaf while no one's looking!


Mmmmmm...looks like challah...I'd eat both in one sitting. I never knew, though...how does it work with the eggs? Does one eat them? Are they hard-=boiled? Still in the shell? Or is it simply decorative?

Suzette says:" It's a lot like challah in texture and taste. You place raw eggs into the dough braids and they bake to a state exactly like hard-boiled. You're supposed to cut a piece that includes an egg and eat that first thing for Easter morning breakfast but nobody really likes the eggs. Thats why my son's bread has all the eggs clumped into one area so that you can avoid them entirely."

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