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Funny you mention this; just had mahsef a mini-rant about this very thing over in E's comments. What the HELL is UP with these sneezing Typhoid Marys and Mikes? ore importantly, did you actually FEEL the spray soaking in to the back of your scalp? I hate when that happens.


I see you've used your time off wisely.

You've reinvented yourself as Dirty Harriette.

Joan of Argghh!

I think the Day Care Rule should apply to adults as well. Green runny snot and fever means you stay home. Stay!


And just think of how many of those 1206 hopped into a sealed airplane with a hundred or more co-passengers just to get to Florida and sneeze/cough upon YOU and then hopped back on a plane again to get home.

Just one more reason I really, really Do. Not. Like. To Fly.


One word:

get it.
it works.
get it stat.


So... are you sneezing and coughing yet? After all, what is so freely given should be returned fourfold, don't you think?

The Aforementioned E

My query is, do I have to stay home from work since I work with all the peeps from whom I caught this annoying boogerrunningitis? I mean, why should I stay home if I caught it from them and THEY didn't stay home? Does this logic make any sense outside of my congested head?

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