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Lessee, if I start walking now....

Suzette says:"There are people without legs who push their wheelchairs across the country for a special purpose. Surely you could get here in time if you gave it a good try."


Once again I must bask in the light coming from your aura and live vicariously through you.

The blogger gatherings here are always dreadful. Talk about by the pocket-protector set, for the pocker-protector set, and of the pocket-protector set.

There's never any liquor and it's over just the second everybody's mommie comes to pick them up.

Perhaps if I too started walking now...

Suzette says:" If you do decide to come, promise me that you'll go on a training program to inure yourself to the hippieless environment here. Otherwise, I'd worry for you."


Ooh! Are you coming too? Me and the Mister will be there...

Suzette says:"Oh, you're bringing a civilian? He's brave."


Pocket protector set? I haven't switched to a new template because I can't figure our how customize the sidebar. But I'll skip it. Too many Steve Lonegan lovers I'd just as soon don't know my modest blog even exists, & Princeton outside the doors of the Record Exchange gives me an anxiety attack.

Suzette says:"That's why it's in a brewery - to help with that anxiety thing. I heard somewhere that ak-ahol has a tranquilizing effect. I'm willing to try it."

The Proprietor

Based on what I see, most NJ bloggers are not exactly Larry Lightbulbs; we have lots of blog*spot sites. I'd rather see the brain cycles used for content anyway.

What would be interesting to see is the mix of Left politicals, Right politicals and apoliticals.

Nothing spoils a room like an overdose of Loneganites, Ron Paul groupies or Darth Naders, AKA the political version of Jehovah's Witnesses or insurance salesmen.

Suzette says:"Fausta said she's going to post a list of bloggers as they respond, so you can get an idea of who people are before you get there."

Mr. Bingley

hell, I'm just going to bring Suzette some pie.


Suzette says:"I knew that pie would come back to haunt me someday."

Mr. Bingley

I'm guessing the real haunting will be Sunday, April 6th...


I shall be there... with my killer brownies.


Yo Suzette,

We gotta have a blogger meet up this way one of these years. :)

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