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Joan of Argghh!

Ooh, I knew you'd dish on this, so I came over here first thing this morning. Breakfast of champions!!

Just the sort of thing to keep my edge from last evening.



Bill looks positively forlorn, doesn't he?

Brown is also the color of dirt. ;)


You know we're getting ever closer here to tough love time. Even Mom has given up on Hilary's chances and that means the Wagnerian soprano in the bronze brazzere is warmin' up.

Somebody needs to say this.

You need to find a new pursuit.

This one's a dead end.

If you'd like I can offer some ugly fashion distraction if it would help. My day job had netted me - for reasons unknown - the press kit for a new line of men's tailored hooded dress shirts.

Scary scary scary stuff!

So scary even Huma couldn't calm you down.

Suzette says: "I know, I know! this is the same sick empty feeling I had when the Dress Boutique moved to a new location. My big fear is that those rumors of HRC being appointed to the Supreme court as reward for throwing in the towel come true. Then all we'll get is photos of her in black robes and pearl earrings."


I have always hated brown suits. One of our surgeons (who was usually a pretty snazzy dresser) had a brown suit. It made him look droopy.


"Then all we'll get is photos of her in black robes and pearl earrings."
I hope she adds some plaid kitten heels to snaz up the look!

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