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Wait...! The Wart Watch has gone to Level 1? Did she perhaps sneak off to a back alley dermatologist and have that sucker scraped off??

We must immediately form a support group for people who have lost their warts, complete with guvmint funding! Call Algore, because it may have simply fallen off due to global warming! Call Al Sharpton; the thing could have fled her face for racial reasons...

Call the boys in the white coats. I live in Pompano Beach FL and will be standing on my front lawn clad only in a Mickey Mouse bathrobe...



Yes, the exposed arms at winning BINGO would prominently feature her bilateral bye-byes flapping urgently.

(You *do* know what bye-byes are, right?)

The Proprietor

What is astonishing is that she was out-organized. When the campaign started last year I predicted that the nomination would not go to the best person, but to the candidate with the biggest and best funded organization.

I turned out to be right, but I assumed that it would be Hillary. She's just plain been out-campaigned.


Please know that my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


haha stick a fork in her. shes almost done. funny.


Has anyone seen Vince Foster lately?

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