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The major difference between a blog and a dollar-seventy-nine spiral notebook is that the blog is a bit more public. After all these years I've noticed that the only one looking at my archives is me, which makes me wonder why I have them.

Oh yeah, because I can't shut 'em off.

But on the bright side there are those moments when you come across something that you forgot that you actually liked.

Sort of like finding a Milky Way in the glove box you didn't know was there.

Suzette says: "I am in love with my own archives. Is there a patron saint or an ancient-civilization goddess to represent that?"

The Proprietor

As a participant, including in such things as Suzette Comix, it's all gold, baby! Gold!!

Suzette says: "Yes, it's been a long time since we've had any new Life With Suzette comix around here. I wonder if a panel of Mary Worth holding a martini glass exists?"


Oooh...Bonwit Teller. I haven't thought of them in years. But what memories I have of them! Unfortunately, my last memory is sort of a sad one:

I had found the most perfect pair of underwear in one of their catalogs. (Remember back in the day when you either had to call in the order or send in the paper order form thingy? How did we get by?!)Anyway, the most perfect pair of underwear I have ever seen arrived...but they were one size too large. Erf! So I mailed them back for an exchange, not knowing that at that very minute Bonwit Teller was going out of business.

Oy. I never received that perfect pair of underwear in my correct size. And I have never ever found any underwear that could live up to the perfectness of that perfect pair of underwear. So I gave up. I am now underwearless.

But I do still have fond memories of Bonwit Teller. And I.Magnin....did you ever shop there? They were fabulous too.


did you never google it? 30 seconds and I came up with:

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