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Joan of Argghh!

D-lish! More, please!!

My open caption submission:

The Robin Hood Vote: Unafraid to forcefully take our money from us for the common good.


Gods, I about lost it completely at the Merv Griffin vote. You've spoilt me for life.


Open Caption Submission (Evita lyrics, from the song, "Rainbow High"):

I came from the people, they need to adore me
So Christian Dior me, from my head to my toes
I need to be dazzling
I want to be Rainbow High
They must have excitement, and so must I


There was Grandpa, Luke and Little Luke, but you're right - they're all water under the bridge now.

Mom pointed out a similar problem with the Audi ad that ran during the Super Bowl - it was a Godfather reference no one under 40 would get. Never mind the fact that the actor in the ad played Moe Green in the original movie. You have to be as equally antiquated as twitterpated to know that one.


Caption submission - The Alimony Vote. On behalf of women who got done wrong, Mrs Clinton shows how to really put the squeeze on them.


"I did not have sex with Mr. Clinton."


... and that might be one of her truer claims during this campaign.


Excellent! The Merv Griffin comparison..LOL!

Your collection/series does show she could be every person imaginable. But I keep getting stuck seeing her as Marx, or worse, Lenin.

Jim - PRS

Absolutely brilliant.


Oh my goodness. Every word was a thrill. Thank you for your wit and extra thanks for filing it all in "cankles".


You make my day!

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