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I know nothing of this Uncle Floyd. Is he the blonde or the brunette in the picture?

Suzette says:"I'm quite surprised that you don't recognize the little blonde Oogie. After all, he did once host a segment on MTV."

The Proprietor

As Don Rumsfeld used to say: you write the story with the reports you've got.

Next time I'll drive my own car and stay to the bitter end. For the record it would strictly be on S.'s behalf. I am not a big fan.

Hardcore Floyd-o-philes will remember him as a minor character in Good Morning Viet Nam, where he did get a brief stint at the piano.

Suzette says:"I'm not too good with actual facts, but weaving a story from nothing is one of my stronger talents. I can also produce a nice supper out of
a shriveled onion and some cans without labels."


The Hillary fashion show. I love it!

Is she packing light so her bodyguards don't have to carry too many suitcases? Did she only bring one suit with her on her current trip? Did someone tell her to buy only brown and therefore she bought several of the same suit? Inquiring minds want to know.

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