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"People call me all day long and ask me for advice. Then they do what I tell them to do!, unlike the other areas of my life." then comes the flood of comments and thus QED.

Very neatly done.


Like you I'm having a bit of a wardrobe quandry. In my new position as a big hotshot 21st Century Web 2.0 entre-manure I can't find any dress slacks that don't make me look like I just stuffed an AMC Pacer down my pants.


#2 kinda freaked me out in a completely non-sexual way. I felt the need to type non-sexual, so maybe not. Ew.

Are congratulations or commiserations in order for #3? Either way, consider them served. ;)


OK, the private parts bit is freaking me out now, what with all the time I spent in the hospital. I thought you weren't supposed to look!!!


Oh, fine.

"She told me the now-familiar story about the going up towards the light and being greeted by long-dead relatives."

A few years back, when I had a near-fatal asthma attack, and needed to be resuscitated by EMS guys, I found myself in a place that resembled an underground car garage.

For that reason alone, I think I need to stay alive for as long as I possibly can.

Jim -  PRS

I just looked down at my hairless toes and realized that I'm not such hot shit after all.


If the woman with the near death experience is a Christian, "God" was more like a giant Jesus, & she didn't see his face. There's a popular story in the New Testament of a woman who was healed by touching the hem of Jesus' garment.


I would rather see the hairy toes then what Snoop saw when he went to visit Amy Winehouse.

Joan of Argghh!

#2. She didn't see God. She saw a Hobbit.

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