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You will be sorely missed.


Poor Bob and poor Suzette and family, I must have known because I haven't visited here for a while...
thank you Bob the corgi for being my very first introduction to blogs, I was searching for a corgi photo to photoshop into something or rather and came across Bob the corgi - both the blog and the photo- and laughed for ages reading about bird bothering and other Bobisms, I've admired photos of the dog used as a measuring device, and worried when his sickness first surfaced at the time my own beloved dog passed away... I've always thought that Bob was the soul of your many blogs, the part that held them all together in a kind of cohesion(!), well for me anyway.
Thank you Suzette and Bob for many happy moments with my tea and toast, quietly before the family wakes up, way over here in New Zealand.


Oh, Suzette, I'm so sorry for your loss! *hugs* We will light a candle for Bob tonight and think of happy doggy times in his honor.


Bob, yours was the 2nd blog I ever read, way back when. After your Mom started her own I would always watch for news or a photo of you.

We'll miss you, buddy. Say Hi! to Tess for me, okay?

{{{Hugs}}} Suzette and family. They are never with us long enough.

Jim -  PRS

I am very, very sorry to hear that. Eight years ago, I lost a dog after having him for fourteen years, and I think about the ol' boy every day.

I trust you'll do the same.


Sweet dreams, pup.


Bob you were one of the greatest dogs I've ever met. Suzette and family--we're so sorry for your loss. Hugs, loving thoughts and prayers to you. Love, Elisabeth, Susan and Michael.


Bob the Corgi. Such sad news. I am so so sorry.

Epitaph to a Dog by Sir William Watson

His friends he loved. His fellest earthly foes--
Cats--I believe he did but feign to hate.
My hand will miss the insinuated nose,
Mine eyes that tail that wagged contempt at Fate.


Oh, I am so, so sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences to your whole family, Suzette. Rest in peace, sweet Bob.


I've always thought of doggie heaven as a place where dogs can eat what they want, throw up wherever they please, drag their butts across the most exquisite rugs without anyone yelling at them, etc. Bob will be very happy there.

So sorry for your loss


Oh, Suzette, I'm so sorry to hear about this! Sweet dreams, pretty pup!


Oh, how very, very sad! I hope he did not suffer, and that you will give yourself the room to really grieve this loss.

I feel an outsize affection for little Corgis (with their big personalities) as a result of my internet-based affection for Bob. He represented his kind with great aplomb.

I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry, you. He was quite a character and a good friend to you. You gave him a marvelous life. Don't forget that he was happy because of your care and affection.


My condolences to Suzette and the rest of the family on your loss :(


Sorry to hear the the news.

He was not only a good friend but a mighty icon of the Big Tubes.

And how many other dogs can say that?


Aw Suzette, I am so sorry. The Poopy Puppy sends a big short dog lick.


We'll miss you, Bob!

Faith & Boris

We are so sorry to hear about Bob. He was an inspiraton not just to us, but to what seems like almost the entire blog community. He will be missed by all, but we know especially by you.

Travel well, Bob.


I'm sorry to hear such sad news :(

The Pump Jockey

Oh, lord. Well, he lives on in memory and I, for one, am sure you will meet up with him again.

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