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Hory toredo!


once dad and i accidentally ended up in al gore's motorcade when he was campaigning

Suzette says:" I'm sure he enjoyed that very much. Was there running commentary?"


I had a girlfriend whose older sister was a Lynrd Skynyrd groupie.(Hey I'm from the sticks OK?) She said something about running off buying some coke and taking the parents Winnebago without telling anybody.

Maybe it's different with politicians.

BTW - Gary Hart's not all that tall.

Trust me.

Suzette says: "Lynyrd Skynyrd must be making a comeback. I'm surprised at how often they come up in conversation lately."


Comment removed - too hot to handle!


How was the soup?

Suzette says:"I failed to order soup. It's a world gone mad."


Maybe she borrowed Bill's feet?

Suzette says: "She was wearing those pointy pointy pointy-toed shoes so popular now with the trendy set and witches."


"...there were no discernible odors about her."

Laughed myself silly over this one; I always thought she'd smell like my Aunt Maurine. ;)

Suzette says: "I would have guessed Clinique, which is disgusting."


Does this mean she has your vote?

Suzette says: "No, even though she was not perfumed, she stinks in other ways."


You didn't order the soup?


Did you at least get a drink in a tiki glass?

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