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The only comment I see fit to make here is that the 4 Rizkallas are included inthe exclusive group of people for which I would walk thru fire (aside from the core rut group here in pa. ) ! I never gave the shading issue a thought..............Ever.
You know as well as I do that we grew up rather "color blind" in good old NEPA and damn it.. I am very glad.


It depends on your opinion on teaching old dogs new tricks. As long as he doesn't bark or growl at elderly women in bad hats that's probably suficient.


Every time I come here (or wherever you are writing), I leave laughing.


"...does that mean we should start celebrating the Queen's birthday, too?"

Yes, and I'm rather surprised you haven't brought it up before...


How did you end up with a dog from Wales?


I'm not gonna start barking at old ladies. I have ties, and class.


I descend from a long line of people who couldn't keep their clothes on and cared nothing for pedigree. Thus, my people are exceptionally good-looking. I'm sure your children are gorgeous.


our dog is from long island.


thank you, we are quite stunning individuals.


also, i think it is easiest for you to assume that the world views us all as equals, since you are the honkey of the family. i know that i am the whitest white girl to ever live, but the fact of the matter is people view you in one light and they view daddy in a different light. you can see the momentary shock on peoples faces when they meet him, because they were unprepared for the accent and the skin tone(since i hardly think to bring it up).

i love it though. have you ever met anyone from maine? boooooring. the whole state is a homogenous loaf of wonderbread. what do they even talk about all day?


My dog is from Oklahoma. What does that make me? ;)

Sorry I'm slow on the uptake -- got behind blog reading and now you're over here and all new and stuff. I love the new title, and I'm glad we didn't lose you.



i also think it is interesting that people have responded in a way suggesting that we feel bad about ourselves or our heritage. it never affected anything really. thats why it was never brought up. its just true. we are quite well adjusted and love everything about the people that made us. mom and dad never gave us a reason to be self concious (well, there was that time you sang annie on the steps of monmouth university...). its just how other people see us and our family. and i know that aunt tina doesnt see us as anyhting but family, but not everyone is connected to that way and i think its naive to not at least acknowledge it.

The Pump Jockey

I suggest you fake a third child and go visit colleges so you can once again hear the "cultural diversity" lectures. Fascinating!

And, hey, I love the new logo!!!!

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