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Wait. WHAT? This wasn't a family member? A neighbor trespassed on your mom's property and PAINTED HER URN? I would've called the police.

Or did the gnome line.

'Cause gnomes are hella scary.

tree hugging sister

"Ghastly" and "garish" spring immediately to mind. As does "gross". Leave a nice note, then hunt him down and douche him with yellow paint.

Mary Beth

I still love the line o'gnomes with the thin juiced wire.

That post was SO worth ringing out the old year with. OK old year, don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

I just had another thought -- if you can get one of those scary looking gnomes in plastic, put him (sorry no tasteful way to say this) on a stick so you can make him peep into windows. Perhaps while holding a small sign that says "trespassers will die". That should do the trick. Even if he was parked on your lawn.

Gee thanks. I just love a good ticked off feeling like this. Even in re-runs!

Happy New Year dear Suzette.


DAMN - your RSS Feed comes with your comments now?


You rock!

If there is one regret I have at midlife it is that I am sick and tired of being the only one who for most of his life squares his shoulders, swallows the tears before they arrive, and gets on with what needs to be done. Maybe just maybe just once somebody else could step up and take that one off of my hands.

Damn Catholic upbringing!

S/hit like this makes me so damn mad I can't see straight.

Two words - restraining order!


Or, very simply, print out this blog entry and all its addenda and comments and slip it into her mail slot. That should do the trick, and you don't even have to face her. What she did was appalling.

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