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Mary Beth

perhaps if your backyard was properly air conditioned, the small beastie with the nice fur coat wouldn't feel so limp and his little furry face wouldn't look so pained?

I'm surrounded by wilted furries myself. I have the furriest a real haircut and am sorry I didn't take a before and after shot along with a shot of the two wastebaskets full of removed fur!


hi Bob! Whose a good dog then? (waving)


I don't know much about hostas. Those look pretty big though.


I luv that leetle dog.

And let him frown and sigh and grumble and grunt all he wants -- he's gotta earn his doggie chow SOMEHOW.


That's a big-un, wow.

At what time during the year to do divide up your perenials?


that's your dog???
I thought it was a loaf of bread..
Very cute pix to say the least!!!

shelley ju

My cat gives me that exact look when I trim her toenails. It's the vain martyr look, obviously. "It hurts me WAY more than it hurts you, and don't you dare delude yourself otherwise. Also, am I not the best looking creature within a ten mile radius? I do believe that is indisputable."

Hi Bob!! (I know, boy, it was hot out there this weekend, wasn't it? How about an ice cube to lick?)

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