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Great job Suzette! You've really set the standard! And don't forget the next Carnival will be over at Sluggo Needs a Nap.

Jim - PRS


Mr. Snitch!

A brilliant conglomeration, demanding excellence for gathering heretofore iconoclastic journalists, kaleidoscopically libraried. Magnificent - nonpareiled! Oh, quelle resourceful, Suzette! Touche! Unique? Very! What xhilirating youthful zeal! (OK, so I cheated.)


Thank you for including me, Suzette.
You did alot of work on this entry. It is indeed wonderful..!

Kim Pearson

Thanks for including me,and for giving me a chance to find out about a lot of other New Jersey blogs.


Cripes, Suzette! This is a great Carnival conglomerate! Great job!


Awesome Suzette, thanks so much for including me!


Anyone who says Jersey isn't cool doesn't know what they're talking about.:)

The Prop

Just what we need... someone setting high standards.

Whatever happened to underachieving?

Glass House

Nice job, Suzette!!


Thanks for including me in this week's carnival, Suzette!!!! Oh, and I love the Kinsey Milhone "alphabet" approach to the list.


Thank you, Suzette! Dahhhhhhhhhling, we should get a silly umbrella drink in coconut shells!


See Suzette, this is why despite meeting half of you on the list, I can't participate. Eventually someone would up the bar like you did and then we'd actually have to do work. Good job!

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