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My Dad used to get the biggest kick out of Jimmy Sturr, and Jimmy isn't even Polish.
I hope the event is a hugh success-may it be another Woodstock!!!

The Prop

Call me when they book Gus Polinski.


Gather the children and tell them, "Momma's gonna go kick it hard core, straight edge, and old school!"

Then watch their little faces light up.


Re: Rhonda Lewan and Hello Again

Today, January 26th, Rhonda Lewan was true to her word and came to Hello Again to pay the check that was left there the night she and a gentleman had dinner. I have to assume from my conversations with Rhonda that it was not her fault and she did not know that the gentleman did not pay the check. I would like to thank all who helped me to locate Rhonda and I also would like to thank Rhonda for coming in to straighten out this problem. Perhaps it is prudent to say that one should be careful who they go out to dinner with. People must realize that as the owner of a restaurant it is my responsibility to persue, using any means, anyone who walks out without taking care of their bill. It is unfortunate that there are people in the world who do this and some actually do it on a consistant basis. So for all who have read about this incident - I would like to say that Rhonda has absolved herself of this incident, taken care of the bill and is welcome to return to Hello Again as long as she does not come in the company of the gentleman who evidentially caused this misfortune. Thanks again Rhonda for keeping your word and I am sorry that this third party caused you problems. I hope you tell this person what you really think of them.


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