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$8.99/pound??? I just groused about spending $3.99/pound for Rainier cherries!


One wag here locally calls them Whole Paycheck Foods.

Was this one all dark inside? It's like a gothic grocery store isn't it?

The Prop

The one in Madison was picketed for a year after it opened. (Psst. They are anti-union!)

So much for politically correct. Even if they do offer free massages, have an aisle devoted completely to organic herbal facial masks and a license to sell wine.

When my friend the Starving Actor is in town to do the Shakespeare Festival at Drew U. I meet him, we go over to Whole Foods and make an entire meal from the free food samples in every department, buy a small latte each, sit in a corner booth and snicker.


I much prefer Waddy Laibinis' Market.
There we could pad the bill with tastykakes and candies to our youthful hearts content. MWNO*.

Money was no object!!


I like the one on Holcombe much better than any other (way fewer hippies), but you know, but the fact that there's a Birkenstock store right next to it never fails to crack me up. We always joke that if someone opens a head shop in that same strip mall, Hippie Mecca will be complete.

We call it Whole Paycheck Foods, too, although I do specifically go there to buy
1) albondigas
2) Aztec Marine Mud Facial Mask
3) dried apples

And $8.99 /lb for cherries? IN HELL, I tell you.


Dear Suzette,
Did one just open in Middletown, NJ???
I'll have to go if so, to check it out..


$8.99 for cherries is criminal, just criminal. At that price, Whole Foods should hire servants to carefully drop them into customers' mouths with golden chopsticks, while said customers recline on silk Roman orgy couches.

It's almost become a Rocky Horror call-and-response joke around here: whenever someone mentions "Whole Foods," the correct group response is, "but aren't they expensive??"

Give me Trader Joe's any day... ;)


I only paid $6.98/lb. for Rainiers at my local produce market and thought *I* was ill-used.

Anyway, it's my observation that WF stores vary a lot from place to place. The one that is nearest to me is a former Purity Supreme and still feels like a suburban supermarket that somebody shoe-horned a bunch of organic stuff into. The big one in Cambridge, which I hate, is that odd mix of uber-rich-and-snooty and uber-earthy-crunchy that only Cambridge has.


We just bought some sort of sweet cherries at Jewel (Albertson's-Midwest)for for $2.99 a pound. Can anyone tell me that Rainiers are twice as good?

In Milwaukee earthy-crunchy is supplied by a local co-op called Outpost Foods. Very similar product line, including Red Dragon cheese, which is the one thing I go there for, but without the glitz-in-denial which made the Hole Foods in Chicago creepy for me.

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