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What an adorable picture of our lovely Suzette!!!
Bright eyed and ready to face many pats on the rear of fine young and old doctors...
Do you ever wear your hat???
I remember the nurses in ICU wearing their different graduation nurse hats one day. It was quite interesting..!

Sadly, no. My caps were stored in the attic and got dry rot. They crumbled to peices when I tried to pick them up. You can't even buy nurses caps anymore, except on naughty adult websites or as part of a halloween costume. - Suzette


That photo almost made me cry! Look at that sweet, young, fresh-faced Suzette! How many lives has that girl touched in the years since that photo -- too many to count, I'm sure.

It's nice to make a positive difference in the world. You should be very proud. :-)

Believe me, that photo makes ME cry, too. Gone are the days, my friend. - Suzette


I'm just curious: Did no patient ever get an erection in your presence, or were they just respectful about it when they did?

Yes, now that I think about it, it's quite insulting, isn't it?. Am I not worthy of disrespect? - Suzette


What a great picture!

I confess to Googling the nurse + teaspoon story to see if it's a widespread myth or something unique to your school. Couldn't find anything, though I'm at work and had to omit certain key words from the search.

Happy nurses week!


What a great way to end the New Jersey Nurse series, Suzette!! Love the picture...I just may be inspired to get brave, and post my own as well. Have a fun, spoonless weekend.

It's only brave if you post current pictures. It's acutally quite painless to post ones that show you as young and unbattered by the life. - Suzette


Oh my God. Do plastic teaspoons work just as well?

I admire your bravery in posting your graduation picture. I may do the same.

Or maybe not.
Thanks for a wonderful Nurses' Week!

Plastic teaspoons are the kinder, gentler erection thwapper. - Suzette


I can't help but notice that the commenters so far are all women. Is something wrong, boys?


can you stand one more female comment? What a beautiful picture! Loved reading this post, Suzette. I wonder if the guys went quiet because they're cringing from that whole teaspoon visual? lol I was cracking up!

No doubt! - Suzette


I offer up this comment in loving memory of my Aunt Rose who graduated from nursing school just after Franklin Roosevelt took office. She went on to nurse both full and part-time for 52 years.

About a year before she graduated a snooty intern said to her, "I suppose you think you know more about medicine than I do."

She gave him her famous withering look and said, "I don't think, I know I do." and he slinked off.

Given that her withering look could curdle milk at long range I seriously doubt she even needed a spoon.


Hubba hubba ding ding! Finally a NJ nurse who's not dead!

Jim - PRS

I will never look at a teaspoon the same way again. :-)

Jim - PRS

I wrote that before I read The Jersey Side. Honest.

I'm pretty sure that all the guys who read this are pretty much thinking the same thing. - Suzette

The Prop

I'd like to think of myself as a tablespoon guy...


Well, I guess for the guys it's good to know if your nurse has a spoon in her pocket you should ask for a new one. One that's been around more than a couple weeks.


*I heard a similar nurse story in college (actually she was a physical therapy major) not with a spoon but rather a quick flick of the finger. I guess you could also use one of those tongue depressor things. Do they still use those?
*Wow, great picture!
*Thanks for the reminder about Nurse's Week. Must give my mom a call tomorrow. She a nurse, Friday and Saturday nights, at Greenville Hospital in Jersey City.


Very interesting posts...the post about the spoon seems so familar. When I was in Nursing School, we were told a similar story, here in Missouri. After years of hands on Nursing, I am now a consultant for those patients needing help with Medical Insurance claims, something that has been needed for a long time. One day, I hope to be in the position to be able to monitor more closely, and prevent the prevalent mishandling and fraud by the many insurance companies, trying to cheat patients and Healthcare Providers alike, causing patients to deal with lower standards of care...it's a crime, I believe to insist that patients be sent home before they should be, especially new mothers and their newborns who may be at risk and the elderly...it has got to end somwhere!

Lovely photo, btw, Suzette...
I actually felt more "polished" so to speak, when wearing my cap, and kind of missed it, when we all stopped wearing them. But, in the U.S. it seems they are quite a thing of the past, and it is more practical not wearing them.

Peace, Love and Angel blessings, Linara


I am curious, have you ever actually known a nurse that struck a patient for an involuntary reflex? Would it matter if the patient was conscience or not? If a male nurse noticed a female with erect nipples during a medical procedure, would he be allowed to strike her? And finally, are
nurses still instructed to assault patients
for normal physical responces that were beyond their control?

Patricia Triviño Vargas

The Hildegard Peplau's words just very interesting and emocionaly..theank..
She was married?
I would like to know her personal life...I made a work investigation...Thanks...


I know of a young man who was rendered impotent. This is assault and child abuse.
Someone ever hit me with a spoon would
soon need a craniofacial surgeon!

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