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But now that's all in the past.....

(and I don't believe you're any of those things, btw)


And we're supposed to guess which Famous New Jersey Nurse from American history you are now?

Or is your theme week over?


Please don't feel so down about yourself. Okay - go ahead. But when you're done, don't forget that many people out here in the blogosphere think you're swell. Does that count?


I'm stunned. I had to check and see if this was Suzette's blog or if I had accidently arrived somewhere else. My best advice, though you asked for none: Take a nap, then sit on your back deck with some iced tea and ponder the beauty that is your garden. It will all seem considerably better after that.


Are you premenstral?

The Prop

National Nurses Week -- Suzette Traveller

This life-long champion of all things soup, Stangl and covered with Christmas bows was born into a devout Catholic family in Wilkes-Barre, PA. From humble beginnings she went on to nursing school, the life of a sophisticated New Yorker and marriage to an exotic foreign-born gentleman.

She raised two healthy kids, survived career ups and downs, all the while providing expert renal nursing care to people in need. She cared for an aging parent and commuted long distances to juggle family and career responsibilities, only occasionally singing with the car windows rolled down.

With her discovery of the "internet" she was able to cheer the lives of countless people whom she had never met in person with her wry observations of life and popular culture.

She occasionally gets depressed.


well, you may feel all of those things. But I'd say you're allowed to feel that way because you're only human. I love your blog tho, and I see great hope, great promise, good times and great laughter in many posts to come... mainly because that is what you've given your readers in the past.
So if you want to have a down day or a few, you're entitiled.

and by the way, you're overdue to send us a good soup recipe. :)


You are in need of restful albeit martini laden excursion with a life time friend.
Pick a date.
Pick a place.
I've got the martini glasses.

P.S I just got home from taking the mother to the hospital. This is the life of an only child. No one else but me to do all this. Depressing?? Oy .. have I got a tale to tell you...

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