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take comfort in knowing that in Europe and even New Zealand pashminas are SO last decades news, very 90's darling - they can't even get rid of them at the sales! (I'll keep an eye out for you ;-)


would the birthday fairy be bringing one of these??


OMG!! I know exactly what you are talking about. that is sooo funny! I am also about "Surface Appearance" over, you know, actually representing. Thanks for making my day! ~KP


Because I am the fashion focused person that I am...and you know that I am....yes, it's true, Pashminas are out...but turquoise is back so you can easily use some of that old stony jewelry in your underwear drawer for your western night!

Mary Beth

Seemed like last time I was in the city (that would be THE City, not Chicago) there were Pashminas at every corner for $20 and if you asked what the price was they were $5. So don't fret honey.

Heck, in the local mall (all the way up in Smallbany) you can get them in half a dozen accessory stores for $25. And in any color you want.

I'm thinking that the whole bandana thing might be a good exercise in how to mortify your co-workers into giving up such silly things altogether. You could easily put together a whole bandana ensemble. Don't forget the hat!


A. How could I be so out of it as not to know all this?
B. Strangely, I feel so much better about the whole thing.


i have western boots in size 8 -- available for the western thingy.

Jim - PRS

Honestly, I have never heard of a pashmina shawl. Is is made from the hide of a pashmin?

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