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I just bought a new roller....and it is too cool to believe. It's made with rollerblade wheels so it knows how to do 360's and double flip heal-overs. I bought it at Rick Steves shop: http://travelstore.ricksteves.com/catalog/index.cfm?fuseaction=product&theParentId=8&id=42 Mine is in Blue Spruce...which is just a fancy schmancy way to say teal...you know, to match my eyes.


The Sears nearest us was almost destroyed in the 2001 earthquake. It was probably an omen.

I tried to leave a comment earlier but TP ate it.


The KMart in W.L.Branch has been on the decline for years. Last I visited, someone speaking only Spanish looked at me as if I were a foreigner when I asked for help...sigh...

The Prop

Have you tried Two Guys or E.J. Korvettes?


I miss Two Goys..er..Two Guys and E.J. Korvettes (I think there used to be one off Olden Avenue in Trenton). I remember riding up the escalator as a child, which emptied into the record store section, a cavernous room with rows and rows of albums and racks of 45's (that sold for 45 cents, believe it or not, until they raised to price to $.99). There also used to be "color organs" for sale there, too, and cylindrical "op" lights that shone funky designs on your walls as the heat from the inner light bulb rotated the translucent patterned sleeve. Strictly for the groovy.

Anyone remember a department store called "Atlantic" in New Jersey as well? They used to have aluminum Christmas trees in the front window, illuminated with thr rotating four-color lamps.

These days, however, I'm a card-carrying member of the Cult of Target.

The Prop

For $50 and a trip to Palisades Amusement Park, what did "E.J. Korvettes" stand for?

Mary Beth

oh man. Flashbacks. Tops (or was it Topps?) and Two Guys. The source of all things "sophisticated" -- statuettes, glass statues, super cool frying pans. Socks.

Tops had a doughnut bakery in the front and we often got doughnut holes as a treat when we were leaving.

Traumatic flashback. One time I got separated from my mother and brother in Tops and Mom had me paged. I was totally mortified. Totally.


Hey, Mr. TheProp:
Did E.J. Korvettes stand for Eight Jewish Korean Vets??
(please send the $50 to a local transplant support group....)


E J korvett started in the late 1940's BEFORE the korean war. The two guys who started it were vertans of WW2 and served in the pacicic on a small boat called a corvette. the guys were Eugene Ferkoff and Jerry Zimmerman (not sure about Eugene's last name's spelling.

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