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You're giving me a lot to work with - be patient (npi)...

...unable to speak for yourelf.

Always be prepared to speak for your inner elf, even if it's really just a traveling garden gnome.

A hammer fell on Mr. Sami's head...I had nothing to do with this - it was an accident. I swear.

Are you sure the "hammer" in question didn't look just like a cast iron skillet? Where do you keep your skillets? And rolling pins too, for that matter?

Another useful nugget the MSM has given to us recently: Don't wear pajama bottoms to court during your Child Molestation trial. (I wisht it was cold out there - that freakazoid Jaggo'd probably show up in a trenchcoat!)


The burning question: Are you Mr. Sami's health care proxy and, if so, does he realize how risky that is? :-P


Yeah, the word "vegetable" in reference to a human is pretty sad..
I hate when someone says "the patient went sour"..
It makes me think of a lemon drop....

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