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Ice Queen

My new "must have" holiday food is Colcannon:


So bad, it's got to be good. Don't skimp on the butter!


mom, if you get rid of the sweet potatoes, there will be nothing for me to eat but dinner rolls.

Mary Beth

I'm making the monkey's recipe (whooooeeee good!), even if I'm the only person who will eat it. This is the first year that I'm making thanksgiving dinner for my family. I'm cooking at mom and dad's house after a few years of eating out -- too noisy, too expensive, too expensive to then still have the food-control issues with the siblings and grandkids... So within reason - the traditional but I'm going to add a few things of my own.


Colcannon?!? I make that for St. Patty's day. Is this a Thanksgiving dish? Am I being a stupid American?

But yes--no skimping on the butter.

Sal Val child

there is a somersize book right here on the shelf. want to borrow it??


Just tried this recipe for Belgian Endive, Ham and Cheese Au Gratin. Delicious! I'm going to bring this to our family Thanksgiving gathering.

Ice Queen

Colcannon is good ANYTIME. Especially right out of the pot with a spoon.

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